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Everest Gokyo TrekTrekking into the deep inside of Himalayas in Nepal present you a complete different flavor of Nepal Trek than the other mountain walks or climbs. Most of the treks in Nepal offer a wilderness experience with challenge and as well as good looks. Not only the Nepal trek means a really difficult walk; but also there are so many trekking trails where people can trek depending on their interest, ability, age or physical condition. Instead, we’ll be walking up and down steep hills through remote villages where farmers raise crops and herd their livestock. Even in the high mountain regions you’ll find herders’ huts and villages that are inhabited during the summer. Though most district headquarters, town and many communities on important trekking routes have basic infrastructure. Most villages in Nepal do not have highway road, electricity, telephone networks, airports or hospitals. They do have a school, a rudimentary post office and normal lodging for the trekkers.

Since trekking in Nepal involves walking for many days, we’ll need food and accommodation along the way. We can either rely on local facilities, or we can travel with an entourage that carries all of its food and tents with it. On major trekking routes in Nepal, the hotel facilities are well developed and cater to basic western standers of taste and hygienic, making it easy and practical to rely them. In more remote regions, the facilities are local-style inns, foods are typical but tasty!

Nepal Trek Packages:

Everest Trek
Everest Trekking

Everest trekking is the most popular trekking area in the world. It would probably be the most popular trekking destination, but it is more difficult to get Solu Khumbu

Annapurna Trek
Annapurna Trekking

Annapurna trekking is mostly visited trekking area in Nepal. The diverse terrain and variety of cultures of the region north of Pokhara make each day's walk

Langtang Trek
Langtang Trekking

Langtang trekking region is situated on the north part of Kathmandu and it lies just south of Tibetan border. It is surrounded by high peaks of great

Mustang Trek
Mustang Trekking

Trekking in Mustang or Lo- Manthang was officially opened in 1992. It allows limited numbers of trekkers each year in order to protect and conserve

Manaslu Trekking
Manaslu Trekking

The trek around Manaslu was officially opened to tourists in 1991, but mountaineering expeditions have long had access to the area. In 1950 a party

Makalu Trek
Makalu Trekking

Trekking in Mustang or Lo- Manthang was officially opened in 1992. It allows limited numbers of trekkers each year in order to protect and conserve

Dolpo Trek
Dolpo Trekking

Dolpo! The word conjures up visions of mysterious monasteries of snow leopards and blue sheep and called a land beyond the Himalaya.

Ganesh Himal Trek
Ganesh Himal Trekking

Ganesh Himal trekking area lies on the central eastern region of Nepal still lucky to remain untouched by modern world. Ganesh Himal trekking

Jumla Rara Lake Trek
Jumla Rara Lake Trekking

Jumla Rara Lake trekking route lies towards the western part of the country and it is protected by Rara National Park, a smallest national park of Nepal

Kanchenjunga Trek
Kanchenjunga Trekking

Kanchenjunga 8586 meter - the third highest mountain in the world, as the queen of the Great Himalayas stands on the Nepal- Sikkim border high above rhododendrons ...

Bhairav Kunda Trek
Bhairav Kunda Trekking

Bhairav Kund is named after the destructive aspect of Lord Shiva and is one of the sacred pilgrimage sites for Shamans. Both Hindus and Buddhist devotees

Dhaulagiri Trek
Dhaulagiri Trekking

Around Dhaulagiri is a challenging trek around the Dhaulagiri massif (8,167m/26,745ft), the sixth highest mountain in the world, involves snow and glacier

Rolwaling Trek
Rolwaling Trekking

The Rolwaling trek is one of the strenuous treks that take you in the wilderness of Nepal. Nestled between the Langtang range and the Everest range Rolwaling

Chisapani Nagarkot Trek
Chisapani Nagarkot Trekking

Nagarkot is a famous and most nearest place to see the mountain ranges and sunrise from Kathmandu. Not only for those views and the mountains but also finding ...

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