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Map of IndiaIndia is a country that leaves one spellbound with its alluring contrasts and striking features in all that it beholds! India is a 34,000 years old country with a rich legend and history. One is sure to get intermingled with the plaited knots of customary and contemporary ingredients of India. Where else will you experience spirituality and solitude than in the mystic land of the lords! The rich rituals, distinct culture of India, festivals and ceremonies that India celebrates, unfold its legendary sagas.

India got its independence on August 15th, 1947. It was the day when the Indians got liberated from the rule of the British. The entire freedom struggle involved a lot of political organizations, non-violent movements, philosophies and other acts. India got its independence after almost hundred years of struggle and bondage.

Ancient India was a country that covered the territories of Pakistan, Bangladesh apart from the territory of current India. Ancient Indian history can be broadly divided into three ages namely the Bronze Age, Indus valley civilization and the Vedic age.

Religion in India is as diverse as its geography and culture. It comprises of world’s most ancient traditions and believes. In India, religion and culture play a very important role. Religion is an essential part of most Indians.

Agriculture is not only the dominant occupations of the people of India but is also one of the most important economic sectors for the country. Almost two-thirds of the working population of India is dependent on agriculture for its livelihood.

Indian economy is on the rise for the past few years with effects of globalization, privatization and liberalization being seen. This has opened up many new business opportunities in India for foreign and multinational companies. India has now materialized into an appropriate destination for various enterprises.

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